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Smoky Mountains Regional Business Summit

What is the SMRBS?

The Smoky Mountains Regional Business Summit is an annual conference held in Knoxville, Tennessee that helps FIRST Robotics Competition teams grow their skills in the areas of finance, public relations, branding, team organization, and more. The event is hosted by team 3966, the L&N STEMpunks.

All too often, we hear from teams that they wish they had more funds to work with, or that their team communicated better, or that their team has no "business team!" Hearing this kind of stuff is what lead us to start the Business Summit.

The conference aims to build skills in those often overlooked but critical aspects of having a successful FRC program. It will be a full day of learning, brainstorming, and networking with other teams in the region!

What are the topics?

Communicating Better With Your Team Using Apps

Raising and Managing Team Funds

How to Promote Your Team Online

Creating a Strong Business Plan

Building Strong Relations With Your Community

Creating a Distinct Brand for Your Team

Why Does Team Structure Matter?

Agile Project Management for FRC Teams

Why should you come?

Veteran FRC students can have a peek into how other teams work, while new, inexperienced students can quickly gain these skills and propel your team to success. The Business Summit is a great opportunity for all of your students, no matter what they do on your team.

Already been to a previous Business Summit? We've revamped all of our sessions this year so they are better paced, more hands on, more fun, memorable, and feature new content. We're aiming to make the SMRBS valuable to both new and returning teams.

The featured video showcases the 2014 Business Summit.

Where, when, and how much is it?

The 2016 Smoky Mountains Regional Business Summit will be held on October 1st from 8:30am to 4:00pm at the Square Room in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee on Market Square, behind Cafe 4.

The fee is $190 per team to cover 5 members. Breakfast and lunch will both be catered by Cafe 4, and materials and handouts for the conference will be provided. Teams wishing to bring more than five members must register twice. If you're interested in getting dinner afterwards, there are plenty of options around Knoxville's Market Square and Gay Street.

How do I register my team?

Please print out and mail the document below along with payment to register. Registration is open until September 17th. We hope to see you there!



If you have questions, feel free to e-mail us at contact@lnstempunks.org.